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1. What is a Ride-on-Air Cushion ?

Ride-on-Air Cushion is a seat pad/seat overlay that provides the user with unparalleled comfort during Long Rides/Drives.

2. What are the benefits of using a Ride-on-Air Cushion ?

  • Distributes pressure evenly. Eliminates Painful Pressure Points & Numbness.
  • Reduces Heat & Moisture Build up.
  • Absorbs Vibrations & Shocks.

Once you’ve tried it, you wont Ride/Drive without it !

3. How a Ride-on-Air Cushion is Installed ?

Ride-on-Air Cushion is a Plug & Play Seat pad / Seat overlay that will be installed over your existing Stock seat using harness.

4. Do I have to modify my stock seat ?

There is no need to modify your stock seat as Ride-on-Air Cushion is a Plug & Play Solution. It can be Installed and Removed easily whenever needed.

5. How Ride-on-Air Cushion is better than stock foam seats & Gel pads ?

  • Stock Foam based seats do not distribute the User weight (Pressure) Uniformly. As a result, the User is subjected to Pressure Concentrations, Which results in Pain & Numbness.
  • Gel pads are better than stock Foam based seats in Pressure distribution. But, Gel pads cannot achieve the Uniform Pressure distribution Characteristics of a Ride-on-Air Cushion.
  • Gel pads are Soft Copolymers in Semi-Solid Gel form. The Semi-Solid Gels cannot match the rapid fluid transfer characteristics of Natural Air, Used in our Ride-on-Air Cushions.
  • Our Ride-on-Air Cushions are constructed with 2D Air-Flow Channels, That help in dissipation of Heat generated by the User. As there is no build up of Heat, Moisture generation is also avoided.
  • The Air-Flow Channels are Virtually non-existent in Stock Foam based seats and Gel pads.

6. What is the warranty period for Ride-on-Air Cushion?

The period of warranty shall start from the date of delivery of the product to the customer and shall cover over a period of 1 year. Ride-on-Air Cushion and all its accessories are covered under warranty. Punctures are not covered under warranty. Defects and other Quality related issues are Covered under warranty.

7. What to do in case the Air Cushion gets punctured?

Our Air Cushions are not prone to punctures easily and puncture of Air-cushion is a very rare occurrence. However, Punctures are unavoidable with any inflatable product. In case you come across any punctures, please contact us to initiate the Repair workflow. We offer puncture repairs at nominal charges for our customers. We will arrange and Schedule a Pick-up of the cushion, once the workflow is initiated.

8. Can i do cornering with Ride-on-Air Cushion?

U can do Low to Medium Cornering, Once you get used to the weight transfer by the Cushion. For Race Track like hard Cornering, you can switch back to the stock seat.

9. Can i use the Ride-on-Air Cushion in Rain?

Yes you can. But don’t forget to dry the Cushion and Cushion cover at the end of your Ride.

10. Can i leave the Ride-on-Air Cushion on the Motorcycle in hot sun?

For an Enhanced life of the Air Cushion, It is better not to expose the cushion in direct sunlight.

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