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NEXGEN Mini Prime


  • Premium Offering from Ride-on-Air that excels in both Form and Function.
  • Versatile Design that can be used on the Rider Seat or Pillion Seat.


  • NexGen Mini Prime uses our proven NexGen Mini Air Cushion, which is an Universal seat pad/seat overlay that provides the Rider/Pillion with unparalleled comfort during Long Rides.
  • NexGen Mini Prime can be used by the Rider in Motorcycles with Shorter / Split Seats (e.g. Z800, RC390, CBR 250).
  • Compatible with most of the Pillion Seats.
  • Plug & Play Solution – Can be Installed and Removed easily whenever needed.
  • 14 Interconnected Air Cells for Uniform Pressure Distribution.
  • Tailbone Relief – For Complete Isolation of Tailbone from Pressure and Shocks.

Prime Highlights:

  • Comes with a Meticulously Handcrafted Cushion Cover and a Precise Levelling Pump.
  • The Prime Cushion Cover is a work of art with bright red threads forming diamond checkered pattern.
  • The Precise Levelling pump and air release valve permits quick and convenient adjustment.

Kit contains:

  • 1X NexGen Mini Air Cushion
  • 1X Handcrafted Cushion cover
  • 2X Mounting harness
  • 1X Precise Levelling pump


  • Distributes pressure evenly. Eliminates Painful Pressure Points & Numbness.
  • Reduces Heat & Moisture Build up.
  • Absorbs Vibrations & Shocks.
  • Customised Cushioning.

Once you’ve tried it, you won’t Ride without it !

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