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Ride-On-Air Advantage

Uniform Pressure Distribution

Ride-on-Air cushions have Interconnected Air Cells. When subjected to User Weight, each Air Cell does air transfer with the surrounding Air Cells.Thus, helping in Uniform Pressure (User Weight) Distribution across the Entire area of the Cushion, Eliminating the Painful Pressure Concentration and Numbness. This Level of Uniform pressure distribution is almost impossible to achieve with stock foam based Seats.

Faster Heat Dissipation

Unlike the stock Foam based Cushions and Gel Pads, Ride-on-Air cushions have 2 Dimensional Airflow channels that allows free flow of air. This helps in Faster and better dissipation of heat generated by the User’s Body and avoids moisture buildup.

Shock Absorption and Vibration Damping

Ride-on-Air cushions absorb most of the Vehicle Vibrations and Harmful Road Shocks before they enter into the User’s body.

Customised Cushioning

The Cushioning effect can be Customised to suit the weight of the User by changing the air pressure in the cushion. Because of this, Users of different weights can achieve the same level of Cushioning & Comfort. This level of Adjustable Cushioning is impossible in Foam based seats and Gel Pads.

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